Employment Advice

At St Anns Advice Centre we offer support, guidance and representation on a range of employment and work related issues, for those experiencing  problems with their employers. We will advise people generally on workplace issues but we are only able to take employees onto our project if they are not in a recognised trade union. Our Employment Advisor has many years of experience in the area of employment law, representation and negotiation. To access this project  you need to have been in employment with the firm or company for over one year. Government proposals are in the pipeline to change workers access to basic employment rights, it may affect whether workers qualify or not to challenge decisions made by their employers. We will keep you updated about any major changes  to workers rights. For us to see you on the Employment Project you must not be part of a trade union or self employed. You can book an appointment by phoning us, or visiting the centre or any of our outreach venues. Telephone Monday morning as appointments are filled very quickly. You can find our details on the Contact Us page or please view the Sessions & Appointments.