Phones non-stop as pets step in to “help” our hardworking advice workers

Our centre is shut and we are all missing Karen’s delicious cooking at The Swirling Teaspoon community cafe. However, this isn’t stopping our staff from continuing working hard to support our local community.

food bank

This photo shows Rachel, Jo and Karen sorting out donations for the food bank, which is seeing a steady increase in demand during this difficult time. We are very thankful for all the support that is helping us meet rising level of need.

Lisa’s phone has been fielding calls from the public, triaging calls to the correct advisor. She really is as friendly as she looks, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any support (details can be found here).


Each morning, the lovely Sally braves the queue for the local Post Office collection office for paperwork needed to help clients. Then, the wonderful Parveen and Denise scan all the post and email it to our advice staff, who are working hard from home. Collections of shredded paper are on hold so it looks like we might be able to start up a soft play centre for hamsters before this is over!

shredded paper

Even the pets have stepped in to “help” during this difficult time, by making sure our desks remain warm the minute we leave our work stations.

Nylar 1

Steph’s dog Izzy remains unimpressed by her tireless efforts to coordinate donations from across the city and beyond – since the food is going direct to the centre and she is not getting any of it!


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon. Bye for now from your temporary web editor, Annie and my little helper